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Healthy Lifestyle - Nutrient deficiency in Dr, Colorado Springs, CO
Optimal Wellness Solutions strives to create wellness one client at a time. It is about education, awareness and thinking differently about your health. Where do you want to be in 10 years? By taking an integrative approach to wellness, you will regain vibrant HEALTH and youthful VITALITY in all cells of your body. By addressing your Endocrine, Immune and Neurological Systems as one unit, you will become healthy and well for all decades of your life.

Testing and customized nutrition make all the difference in achieving ideal health. Optimal Wellness Solutions offers nutritional counseling and therapeutic support to fit into your lifestyle and achieve your goals. The team of physicians, dentists, and clinical nutritionists will properly calibrate customized nutrition with whole food bio available nutrients.
Clinical testing will reveal nutrient deficiency, potential disease risk factors, toxic exposure, liver functioning for detoxification, immune strengthening and support, chronic inflammation, free radicals and oxidative stress, acid/alkaline blood chemistry, connective tissue degeneration, free calcium excess, and anaerobic metabolism.

At Optimal Wellness Solutions, you will learn physical fitness from the inside out. You will learn to achieve balance in your organ systems at the cellular level, speed recovery after surgery, lose weight and keep it off, change lifestyle habits, balance hormones safely and effectively, and detoxify the body naturally.

Blood Chemistry Analysis & Nutrition and Diet Plan

Everyone should have their blood chemistry evaluated and analyze at least once to see what may be “coming down the pike.” Knowledge is Power!

Assessment in Medical Health History

I review medical questionnaires including health assessment, metabolic assessment and neurotransmitter assessment along with the blood chemistry.

Assessment in Metabolic and Endocrine Testing, Food Sensitivity, & Neurotransmitter Testing

Using the different testing protocols, I am able to effectively provide real solutions to real health concerns.

2 Hour Grocery Tour

I make grocery shopping fun! You will learn how to eat, what to eat, new recipes, what GMO foods are, and what foods have gluten-protein.
In order to achieve a strong Immune System, a balanced Endocrine (Hormone) System, and a vibrant Neurological (Brain) System, you will learn about good, balanced, and nutritious meals based on the consumption of organic fruits, vegetables and animal products and in conjunction with natural botanical and homeopathic support.

Optimal Wellness Solutions works with individuals all over the country. The nutrition is done remotely, — easy, fast, and comprehensive.


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