Kelly is a rare gem in the medical world!

If I had to sum up Kelly in one sentence: Kelly is an amazing biochemical nutritionist who sincerely cares and has an amazing ability to fix peoples health so much so that you'll be off ALL supplements and medications when you're done. Here's the breakdown: 1) Kelly's health plans are PERMANENT solutions, and they are specialized to meet each individual’s body chemistry. She doesn't just give you some random diet tips out of a "want-to-be thin" magazine. 2) Kelly's health plans are based on science and numbers. A lot of doctors will give you 'guesses' and 'oh let’s try this and hope... see me in a month!' It’s unfortunate that you're in horrible pain for that month. 3) Kelly sincerely cares. She wants you to fully recover. Once you're done with her plan, you don't have to take any supplements or medications anymore! It is of course typically recommended to try eating a bit better on normal days, so that one doesn't go downhill in the future. Kelly is that rare gem when it comes to seeking professional help for your health. You can go through doctor after doctor, and they will: 1) Not provide feasible alternatives, except how to write dangerous prescriptions. 2) Not sympathize with you. Long story short, I woke up one day with severe pain in my chest, which was followed up with palpitations, among other frightening symptoms. I sought professional help immediately. The kinds of "help" I got from both doctors and specialists where things like "here have some pain killers," or "just fight through the pain," or my personal favorite, "It’s just in your head. Have some incredibly dangerous anxiety medication!" Then I found Kelly. It took a simple, quick blood test to find out there were holes in my stomach, and I was right on the edge of getting a heart attack. Kelly quickly put me on a diet, tuned specifically to my body, and gave me TEMPORARY supplements for the imbalances too severe for a diet. It is now over a year later, and I feel FAR more energy on a day-to-day basis, my vision has slightly improved, the pain in my chest is completely gone, and the best part... I can live a normal life again!

– Josh T.
She Changed my Life!

I went to Kelly with major chemical sensitivity problems. I had issues with perfumes, remodeling and cleaning chemicals - even the smoke in the air from the wildfires. I had seen Kelly do a presentation and thought- this woman knows all the things that I am wondering why the doctors and everyone else don't know (and should)! She did extensive bloodwork- and she could read it better than anyone I'd ever met. She figured out I had mercury toxcicity! I was so thrilled that there was a reason for my symptoms and something I could do about them! She also helped me get off medications that were making me sicker! She helped me balance my hormones within weeks- something I had been trying to achieve for years! My migraine headaches are totally gone. My thyroid issues are totally gone. I have to say Kelly gave me my life back. I can't say enough great things about her. I am well on my way to recovering. I didn't know that was possible! Thanks Kelly.

Sue G.
Taken me to a vibrant and energetic new me in six months.

I am a 51 y/o male with a history of taking seven medications for various traditional medical diagnosis, military toxicities and poor eating habits. Kelly has taken me to a vibrant and energetic new me in six months. I am off all my medications, have lost 25 pounds, and feel wonderful. My lab values are the best they have ever been, so I know the great feeling I have is more than just exterior. She has helped changed the physiology of my body to what is right for me. I now have the plan to live another 50 years and will be forever grateful to Kelly for her knowledge and expertise in nutrition and wellness.

Brian C.
RH, Colorado Springs, CO

“Kelly is very knowledgeable and understands the cause for anything you mention, but will not evaluate without seeing your blood work. She’s very diligent about returning calls and helps her clients with great care & compassion. I’m so grateful to be associated with a competent professional who gets results. If you’re tired of the run around or just want to avoid it, I highly recommend Kelly.”

RH, Colorado Springs, C
MR, Colorado Springs, CO

“I never would have imagined how much better my joints (esp. knees) improved after I started working with Kelly. Her nutritional expertise has changed my overall health and outlook for the better. There is nothing like good health!”

MR, Colorado Springs, CO
I never would have thought!

Going by sheer instinct, I decided to go forward with Kelly Calabrese, as my health nutritionalist/advisor. The timing was right all around. When it came to understanding my nutritional deficiencies and needs, Kelly was so patient with me. She never overloaded me with products and complicated routines. We moved along at my pace. All in all, Kelly's nutritional expertise, her perceptive (long distance) analysis and consistent availability for guidance, for my supplement and cleansing needs, have proven to be SPOT ON! Brava!

Linda A.
DH, Colorado Springs, CO

“My husband had health challenges for 4 years. After seeing 8 various practitioners & spending thousands of dollars, he still had significantly low energy and other symptoms. I knew about Kelly, but thought she was like any other nutritionist out there, until I heard her say, “I do things no one else does!” This caught my attention and within one month of being on her program, my husband’s health and energy levels increased dramatically. She has since helped 3 of my family members. It’s so great to get to the root of issues and see quick results!”

DH, Colorado Springs, CO
VB, Winter Park, CO

“Kelly has helped me tremendously! I’ve been able to get off my anti-depressants, stop my hair from falling out, and lower my cholesterol. It’s great to have someone who listens and really wants to help. Thanks, Kelly!"

VB, Winter Park, CO
RK, Florence, CO

“When the blood results came back, your opinion was very reassuring and gave me comfort.”

RK, Florence, CO