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In the traditional medical system, doctors prescribe medications to help their patients with their illnesses. In the Functional Nutrition world, patients get to the root cause of their disorders. Doctors treat symptoms, leaving illnesses untreated. I help alleviate and rectify those illnesses so those individuals can live a long life well. I offer a different perspective, real solutions to get one's health and life back.

If you are experiencing fatigue, depression, weight gain, weight loss, sleep disorders, sugar imbalances, pain in joints, brain fog, cold hands and feet, or numbness in extremities, I can help you solve these issues.
Healthy Fruits - Nutritional Deficiency in Dr, Colorado Springs, CO
Optimal Wellness Solutions offers a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your blood chemistry and a complete nutritional plan based off your blood chemistry to provide the ultimate in a comprehensive wellness package. By addressing the imbalances of the Bio-Chemistry, we will be able to determine what is driving weight gain, fatigue, loss of mental function, loss of hormone function, and metabolic function. By stimulating the body's own healing powers through proper diet, supplementation, lifestyle changes, and natural detoxification support, the body wins and exists free of disease and stress. We are here to offer the proper protocols so each individual becomes successful in their journey to optimal health and wellness.
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